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About our Club

The Forty Five Club's one- day veterans tennis tournaments are organised in many of the weeks of the year, mainly mixed doubles but also a small number of Ladies' and Men's events.

How Tournaments work

Many friendly veterans tennis matches are arranged against other clubs in the UK by The Forty Five Club.

The Forty Five Club enters veterans tennis teams in various age groups that participate in the National Inter-Club competition organised by the Veterans Lawn Tennis Association (VLTA). Eligibility to play in one of these veterans tennis teams is restricted to people whose own club is not represented.

The Forty Five Club send veterans tennis teams abroad to compete against other veteran teams and play return matches at various venues in the UK.

Regular group visits are arranged by The Forty Five Club to certain of the more popular overseas veterans tennis tournaments and, usually once a year, there is a long distance trip that combines playing with a holiday.

We hold an annual Golf Day.

The Forty Five Club also provides a veterans tennis information service through our Spring and Autumn News Magazine. These publications include a record of the Club's events and articles of general interest to veterans tennis players.

What does it cost to join?

What does it cost to join the 45 Club

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Members can use this flyer to spread information about the 45 Club. Get other clubs to put it on their notice board. The 45 Club provides alternative activities and so becomes a second club for its members. It does not seek to seduce members away from their main club.

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How to join the 45 Club: Find out more

To get answers to any questions about the 45 club or to join the 45 Club, contact the membership secretary Mr Max Khaliq by completing an enquiry form (click here)

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The History of the 45 Club

It is important to write down the early History of the Forty- Five Club before all the original members are no more and I am greatly indebted to Mirek Kizlink who supplied me with most of these details, writes Felicity Bernstein.

Felicity Bernstein - the History