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45Club at Milford Seniors Doubles April 24th – 28th.

45Club at Milford Seniors Doubles April 24th – 28th.

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Peter Friedmann has supplied the following summary, results and pictures. The Milford Seniors Doubles tournament is one which always attracts many 45ers and is one in which we usually do pretty well. That was the case this year again – indeed, running an eye down the list of winners and runners-up there is a huge preponderance of 45ers. The tournament is structured so that each event is run on just a single day – 3 or 4 events taking place on each day and each event has a consolation event for 1st round losers – so everyone gets at least a couple of matches. This year we were blessed with dry weather but early in the week it was bitterly cold with a harsh Northerly wind blowing. There was some terrifically high standard tennis to keep the watching audience entertained. Click here for full results and pictures, but to summarise:


45+ MD: Shane Horsell + Paul Lansley def Rennie Johnston + Neil Abercrombie
60+ MD: Rennie Johnston + Bob Battersby def B Herlihy + M Jeffery
70+ MD: Peter Friedmann + David Trew def Richard Lovell + B Birch
45+ LD: Jane Green + Merie Sabie def Pauline Fisher + Alison Hockey
60+ LD: L Johnson + J Weguelin def Jo White + Dee Flanagan
70+ LD: B Cabot +J Green def Merete Collins + Bridget Friedmann
45+ Mi: Neil Abercrombie + Pauline Fisher def J Gedge + A Pearce
60+ Mi: Rennie Johnston + Nicky Lemon def E Green + J Weguelin
70+ Mi: Peter + Bridget Friedmann def Richard Lovell + Rosie Spence


The tournament was beautifully organized by a team comprising our own (but lent to Milford) Jo White, Alan Gordon, Neil and Dee Flanagan, with Groundsman Chris Cabot and referee John Cliff – the 45 Club extends our congratulations and thanks to all those involved in running the tournament. Peter Friedmann.

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